Rush (2013)

- This one's got a drive! 

Rush is one of those movies that work so well that it will make someone who is not interested in its basic setting in the motorsports world enjoy this hell of a ride from start to finish.


Gravity (2013)

- "2001" in 2013?

If you ever wanted to be an astronaut as a child or if you are still dreaming of flying around in zero gravity then now you've got the chance!


Trance (2013)

- Hypnotic? No, you may have just fallen asleep.

I was never a fan of "28 days later", I really despised "Sunshine" but quite simply: "Trance" is Danny Boyle's worst movie yet.


The Great Gatsby (2013)

- Jay Gatsby is no Charles Foster Kane

Baz Luhrmann starts this fifth film adaptation of the hugely prestigious novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald with velocity and excitement but can't maintain any of it as all curiosity gradually decreases after the first act.